The Rising Voices AAPI Youth Leadership & Civic Engagement Fellowship is geared towards young Michiganders between 16 to 20 years old who are interested in AAPI leadership and civic engagement. An eight-week program, this fellowship combines traditional classroom learning of AAPI history, activism, and anti-racist/anti-oppression curriculum with experiential learning in the form of digital organizing and community engagement. 

Learn about our 2020 Fellows’ experience.

About Rising Voices

Rising Voices, a project of Tides Advocacy, was founded in April 2019 and seeks to increase the civic participation of Asian Americans in Michigan. As one of the fastest growing electorates in the United States and the largest growing racial group in Michigan, Rising Voices was created to fill a gap in the organizing in Michigan. Current models of organizing and civic engagement take a one-size-fits all approach that fails to take into consideration the unique cultural contexts of various Asian American communities. Young people, specifically, hold vitally important perspectives and relationships within our communities and are key to organizing collective power. We are dedicated to centering the voices of those who have been excluded and valuing cultural competence and humility in our work. Learn more about us on 

Fellowship Description

The Rising Voices AAPI Youth Leadership & Civic Engagement Fellowship is an 8-week paid program running from July – August 2021. It is geared towards young Michiganders between 16 to 20 years old who are interested in AAPI leadership and civic engagement. Throughout the eight weeks, fellows will:

  • Learn critical AAPI history
  • Share and reflect on their personal identities, values, and leadership
  • Learn organizing skills such as conducting 1:1, digital organizing, phone banking
  • Discuss and understand current events through anti-racist and anti-oppression curriculum
  • Familiarize themselves with local electoral politics, including campaign and legislative processes in Michigan
  • Learn strategies to organize AAPI communities 
  • Practice community organizing through digital organizing, phone banking

We believe that young people are vital to organizing collective power within the AAPI community, and this Fellowship is designed to prepare young AAPI to have a greater impact in their communities. 

Fellowship Expectations:

  • Complete 22 hours of civic engagement, organizing, and leadership modules (virtual learning via Zoom)
  • Complete 10 one-on-one interviews, understand community needs, and identify community leaders
  • Sharpen listening skills and build intergenerational relationships 
  • Identify community assets, sources of potential support, power, and challenge
  • Create a relational organizing map and identify/recruit at least 5 people to get involved in a relevant campaign
  • Complete 20 hours of phone-banking / digital organizing 
  • Register at least 50 new voters
  • Document experience through mindful journaling and/or photovoice
  • Complete a group project with other Fellows in the program 

Total Time Commitment: approximately 15 hours per week, July & August 2021

Who we’re looking for

The ideal Fellow is an AAPI youth age 16-20 years old living in the state of Michigan. It is someone who observes problems or issues in their community, wonders why these issues occur, takes initiative to deepen their understanding of the root causes of the issues, and isn’t afraid to take action to change the status quo. It is someone who is interested in learning and applying strategies to address community needs and become more civically engaged. It is someone committed to collaborative, intersectional, and intergenerational power building. 

We encourage folks who are seeking spaces of community and learning outside of mainstream AAPI-identifying spaces to apply. We highly encourage LGBTQIA+ identifying and folks with working class backgrounds to apply. No experience in organizing or AAPI history necessary; we want to work with young people who are deeply curious and committed to social change. 

Other Requirements

  • Must have access to internet and phone


All fellows will receive:

  • Individualized mentorship/coaching
  • Civic engagement skills development (training and practice)
  • $1500 stipend disbursed in two installments
  • Supplies necessary for completing fellowship objectives

How to Apply:

Eligible applicants should fill out this form. Deadline to apply is May 12, 2021. 

30-min chat with Rising Voices organizer

In order to ensure that this fellowship is accessible to all, Dim Mang (current Organizer with RVAAF) will be holding a 30-minute chat session where she will answer any questions and comments you may have about the application process and the fellowship. Please schedule an appointment here:

Questions? Contact us at