Michigan Asian American Progressives (“MAAP”) is a progressive grassroots organization focusing on civic engagement and intersectional community organizing for Asian American women and families in the State of Michigan. Our issues include youth and women empowerment, increased language access, revenue generation and increased resources for our communities especially for culturally competent health care, education, immigrants, and low-wage workers, particularly through this current pandemic.

After a careful evaluation of local, state and federal candidates, MAAP members voted to endorse the persons who will best champion the key issues important to our organization. Each candidate was required to respond to MAAP’s platform, providing their work plans to implement policy and changes that benefit the Michigan Asian-American community in the following areas: immigration, economic justice, education, healthcare, transformative justice and an inclusive democracy.

Our chosen slate is a compilation of the candidates we feel will represent the best interests of the Michigan Asian-American community.



MAAP endorses Sommer Foster for Canton Township Trustee. As the first African American and the first woman of color elected to the Canton Township board in 2016, she brings with her a wealth of experience.

Foster was the Director of Political Advocacy at Equality Michigan and worked with State, County and local governments, including working with over 15 communities to write inclusive policies and ordinances. In 2014, she worked with Trustee Steven Sneideman and Former Supervisor Phil Lajoy to pass a Human Rights Ordinance prohibiting employment, housing and public accommodation discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. Foster also worked with the Canton Public Safety department on the Canton Response to Hate Crimes Coalition and helped organize the first Not in Our Town Rally to stand against hate, bigotry and to promote safety and inclusion for everyone.

As a member of the Canton Township board, Foster wrote a Welcoming Resolution to affirm that Canton is welcoming to all people, including immigrants. She has been a vocal advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ community, by working with the Inclusion Task Force and Creating a “June is Pride Month” resolution.

As Canton Trustee, Sommer Foster will work towards justice, inclusion and opportunity for all in her community.



MMAAP endorses Tania Ganguly for Canton Township Trustee. Ganguly brings extensive experience in community advocacy, including the Canton Inclusion Task Force’s “You Belong Here” initiative which seeks to keep Canton a diverse and inclusive place to live and as co-chair of the parents’ committee for the Plymouth Canton Community Schools Talented and Gifted Program.

She is presently on the board of the Canton Democratic Club and Officer-At-Large for the Michigan Eleventh Congressional District Democratic Party. Ganguly has been a tireless organizer, working in the last three presidential elections and has worked as an organizer for One Fair Wage. If elected as a Trustee Tania Ganguly will work to keep Canton a thriving, growing, and welcoming place to live.

As Canton Trustee, Sommer Foster will work towards justice, inclusion and opportunity for all in her community.



MAAP endorses Ernesto Querijero for Ann Arbor School Board. Ernesto is an experienced educator who is committed to long-term student learning.  He believes the role of public schools is to prepare students to be fair and responsible leaders, innovators, civil participants, and problem-solvers in the world to come. He has always fought for student support, student access, and student self-advocacy, which in itself is a learned practice. Public schools must offer students a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

As an active educator, first-generation Asian-American and a proud union member, Ernesto Querijero is an ideal candidate to join the Ann Arbor School Board.

As Canton Trustee, Sommer Foster will work towards justice, inclusion and opportunity for all in her community.